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Catawba Island/Marblehead

780 SE Catawba Road, Port Clinton, Ohio


Your private, individual unit includes:

  • Starting at $53,000

  • Unit size: 21' W x 50' L x 20' H or 16’ or 20’ W x 45’ L x 16’ H

  • Drywalled and super insulated

  • Overhead LED lighting and electrical outlets

  • Individual unit security

  • Wash-down area

  • Utility sink

  • Water, sewer, and floor drains

  • 16' W x 18' H commercial garage door with windows and opener

  • 15’ or 14’ W x 14’ H garage doors in 16’ H units

  • All steel service doors and keyless entry

  • Premium natural gas unit heater

  • Low maintenance fees

  • Complete RV hookups in unit

  • Public restroom


To rent a unit at this location, please visit


North Coast Office & Storage

Currently Fully Occupied

4125 Kirk Road
Port Clinton, OH 43452
(419) 351-4752

Conveniently located for travelers arriving from both east and west our development in Port Clinton off Rt. 2 provides storage for two separate customers; personal storage for boat owners, car collectors, motor home owners and those of us that just need that extra garage work space, as well as the small business owner that requires an office/warehouse space. Along the front of the facility we have established the office and warehouse combination unit with the additional advantage of a storefront allowing customer access. Each unit includes lighted signage to advertise your business 24/7 as well as two designated customer parking spaces in front and a 14′ garage door in the rear.


Eagles Nest Aircraft Condos

750 SE Catawba Road
Port Clinton, OH 43452
(419) 351-4752

Designed by pilots, for pilots!

Protect your plane with a private hangar condo from StorageCondos. Our facility offers the highest quality hangars that are super-insulated with drywall construction, heat, electric, water and sewer, and customized options. Each measures 45′ wide by 56′ deep by 18′ high with 16′ high doors providing ample room for not only your aircraft but lots of room to spare.

In addition our flight planning center, available 24/7, is equipped with meeting space, computer/internet, cable TV lounge, kitchen and restroom/shower.

Your hangar includes:

  • Unit size: 45' W x 56' L x 18' H

  • High-power hangar door

  • Service door

  • Heat lights

  • Water & sewer