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On a day like this it is perfect to pull some maintenance, do some upgrades or detailing. It provides us with the unlimited access to do this, and be ready for when the weather turns nice. As you can see, whether it is a boat, motorcycle, truck, it provides space for us to do all three. We also keep our off season snowblower and patio furniture and other seasonal items here, so we can easily put both cars in the garage at home. On a day like this having a warm dry car is another big plus the StorageCondo helped provide.

Thanks! We are thrilled with all that the unit offers, and are so glad that we made the investment. We highly recommend StorageCondos to our friends and family members,

Keith and Kathy Joy

Dear Dave:

We would like to take this opportunity to write and tell you how pleased we are with our storage condominium and the many opportunities it offers for us to meet our storage needs now and in the future. We also feel that this has been a good investment.

It was especially pleasant to work with you and your staff in both our original purchase and in the transfer to our new and larger unit. Both transactions were handled in a very professional manner and exactly as projected for things like transfer date and fees, etc.

Feel free to share this with any prospective buyers who may be wondering what to expect and how owners feel about owning a storage condominium.

John & Gloria Rhyner

Dear Dave,


Just wanted to let you know how much we like our storage garage. We had been storing our boat outside covered with a tarp for the last 8 years and it seemed like there were always problems. The tarp would either rip or blow off, or trying to cover or uncover in snow, rain, and cold. When we read in the paper that storage condo’s were being built, we couldn’t wait. I think we are some of the first buyers, and we believe it is some of the best money we spent. Not only is our boat in a warm, safe, dry place, we are able to work on it not matter the weather. We have built a workbench and cabinets so all our tools and supplies are right there. We thought it was such a good investment we told many of our friends, and to date, we know of at least 5 who have purchased a unit.

We are so glad we made this purchase, and that you had the idea to build them, and all of our friends are glad also. Thanks again.

Bill & Jean Nicholson

I just wanted to take a moment to tell you what a great investment and great space saver at home my condo units are. Besides having an office in the loft and room to store my boat, my garage at home would be full if I did not have the extra space. I can store my company’s products besides my BMW convertible which I do not drive in the winter. I have saved thousands of dollars alone just storing my boat here. I would be lost without my storage condo units. Great idea. Good luck with future units.


Michael Callahan

Dear Dave,


We’d like to relay to you the satisfaction that we have experienced with the ownership of one of your storage condos.

The 24-hour lighted access has been a real convenience to us and accommodates all lifestyles.

We have added a loft to our condo with enables us to store many seasonal items along with the extra necessities that no one has room for elsewhere. Along with two boats and a car, we also have room for a little work area to putz around in for small projects and hobbies. It has kept our property clutter-free and we like being able to access all of our belongings in one area. It’s been a real convenience at a very minimal cost.

We’re glad to be one of your condo owners and would encourage others to also consider this option.

Tom Sandes

Dear Dave:


I am writing to advise you of how happy we are that we purchased a Storage/Warehouse Unit from you. Since it has been a few years since we purchased the unit, this letter is long overdue. Please feel free to have any potential buyers call me if they need any information about you and or the functionality of the warehouse units.

Since the time we purchased, you and your employees have been cordial and helpful with any of our needs, requests or questions. Please thank all of them for their kind assistance.

The storage unit has worked out great and we have not had any problems whatsoever with the unit. The unit has been a very important addition to our growing business and we will probably be looking to buy another unit. Your cooperation and assistance from the beginning has been very helpful and we truly appreciate that.

Dave, thanks again and please feel free to have anyone call me if they have any questions.

Chuck Snider



I just wanted to take a few minutes out and tell you how much Cheryl and I are enjoying the use of our storage condominium. We’ve been in the condominium for a little over two years now and really don’t know how we got along without it. The quality of construction is superb and the layout and convenience factors are outstanding.

Also, I use the condo as my “home away from home”. It’s great to be able to drive across town and spend a few hours working on projects, get caught up with the news and work on vehicles. And, the other condo owners are great friends. Like you stated when we were interested in purchasing the condo a couple of years ago, “If you don’t have the right tool, someone here has it and are willing to help”. Very true!

As you know, our condo is configured with a loft, so we’ve installed carpet, hung pictures and made it into a very comfortable area to spend time. With the heating system, even on the coldest days, we are comfortable and productive while over at the condo. The only problem I’ve had is when I tell Cheryl I’m going over to the condo for a few minutes, she knows it will normally be a couple of hours or more. I think she’s accepted that.

Again, thanks for providing a storage condo to us with such outstanding quality, design and workmanship. (Don’t tell Cheryl, but I would like to look at purchasing the one next to me if it ever becomes available and we are in the right financial position. I can always use more heated space for our vehicles and household items).

Kent R. Cooper, Lt Col, OHANG